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Children go missing everyday
Abducted children killed within 180 minutes of abduction
Sexual assault child was acquainted or knew person
Sexual assault by family member

The best GPS Tracker for Toddlers and Kids – use preventive tools

Check out the Best GPS Tracker for toddlers and GPS for kidsbest gps tracker for toddlers

As parents, we understand that young kids are unpredictable. They are prone to wander at a moments notice. Especially at the mall, a sporting events or amusement park. We can empathize with parents that have lost a child at an outing with no way to communicate with them turning a great family memory into a nightmare.

As children grow the need for the best gps tracker for toddlers is a must. Today the world presents children with many challenges. The threat to their safety is real from abduction, sexual assault, school shootings to bullying.

Here at we are firm believers preparedness can prevent a lot of heartaches. We thank you for your wise decision to take the safety of your children into your hands. We invite you to investigate the best gps tracker for toddlers, best GPS for kids watch, bracelet and jewelry for children on the Internet.

This GPS kids tracker-guide will cover:

  • Learn the GPS terms to select the right tracker device for your child
  • The best GPS features for Toddlers, Schoolage and Teens
  • The most popular trackers for Autism and Special Need Kids
  • The top online Parent control software
  • The future in GPS tracking device for kids…read more

19 incredible cell phones for kids hacks to keep your child safe


We all strive to be incredible parents to this fast changing Selfie Generation. Our goal, like Iron Man actress Gwyneth Paltrow, is to keep our children safe from those with bad intentions. Gwyneth has two kids, a daughter Apple and a son name Moses. Her daughter wanted a smart cell phones for kids because all Apple friends have a cell phone. She stated, “I waited as long as I could. She was the last one of her friends to get a phone”.

In The Sydney Morning Herald, it was mentioned Gwyneth fears for her children’s safety when she testified against a dangerous stalker. Paltrow has strict guidelines regarding the phone, texting, and social media to keep her daughter secured after purchasing the best phone for her kids.

We advocate on this website protection first for our kids when looking to purchase a kids cell phoneRead more

GPS Tracking Device for your Child’s Peace of Mind | KidGPS Review


GPS Tracking technology is currently being used to keep track of active kids. The GPS tracking device enables parents to know where their children are when their kids need the parents the most. KidGPS is a small GPS tracking device with real-time location tracking created just for kids. The GPS device has a quick setup and is easy to use app. The GPS locating device for kids lets you find the location of your child, anywhere, from your smartphone or tablet. You can customized zones and receive push notifications when your child leaves or arrives at common locations like home or school. KidGPS also includes a built-in alert button, enabling kids to instantly alert you of their location in scary situations. Read more

How to start your own website in 20 minutes


The goal of our blog is to protect our family with GPS technology and prevention tools.  We will be the first to agree family protection cost money. We started this blog to educate parents like us, with children and assist others to finance those protection products. We have found most families can learn how to start your own website in around 20 minutes. Start your own website or blog with a good idea and solid work ethic.

This post covers the step-by-step on how to start your own website or blog cheap with WordPress on Bluehost to help you monetize your talents via a blog, with the goal to help protect your family.

This guide is the best method how to start your own website to get you up and running in 20 minutes or less. Read More


We have four kids under 9, we took a Disney trip for 3 days!!, this was perfect!!, and made our trip a lot less stressful!!!
Janeth S
I love the pocketfinder for my daughter with special needs. Last year she got on the wrong bus at school and didn’t make it home until after 6pm. This year she had her pocketfinder on and I knew where she was the entire time. I can’t even explain the relief I have knowing where she is.
J. Emonds
I love this device! It makes it so easy to keep track my child. I recommend to all parents!
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