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Best Option Amber Alert GPS Review

Every parent dreads the moment their child faces an emergency. Whether it is at school or at home, you want to provide safety for your child at all times. The Amber Alert GPS Review has become a necessary GPS tracker device in the world we live in today.

Kidnappings, missing persons, the statistics don’t show things going in a positive direction. Over 80% of missing persons are juvenile (under the age of 18) in the US alone. When your child goes to school, you want to know they are safe. That’s where a real time SOS Amber Alert GPS tracker comes into play.


Buying a tracking device that provides real time, live data is essential. You want to know instantly if your child is in trouble or faces any other kind of emergency.

The locator device that is currently the best option for kids on the market. The Amber GPS Alert Tracker is a Portable Real- Time GPS Tracker.

Amber Alert GPS Review Features

The Amber GPS wireless tracker has useful features specifically designed to track and monitor a child’s location. The following is a summary of the features you will find in this GPS device.

  • A great feature enabled by two-way calling from the parents contact list
  • The device has predator alert to inform parents that a register offender within 500 feet
  • The Amber Alert GPS app can be use on a Apple or Android device
  • You have a 24-42 hour battery life which is good for two school days before recharge
  • There is something called safety zone alerts that lets you know when your child is out of a predefined zone, i.e. somewhere they shouldn’t be
  • A panic button is located on the device. Once pushed an emergency notification is instantly sent to you either on your computer or phone. This feature is priceless, you know immediately if your child is in any danger. Law enforcement will always tell you, time is critical in any child emergency case.
  • You can also use the GPS device to track your teenager, especially while they are driving. The Amber Alert GPS tracker lets you know the speed the device is travelling at.
  • For smaller children the tracker also provides temperature information, so you know whether your child is comfortable in the temperature they are in. This is useful when your child is sitting in cars on warm days.
  • The Amber Alert GPS tracking device can be connected directly to a mobile cellphone. You can view the GPS tracking data directly on the phone.
  • The design offers many options to carry the device from an Amber Alert GPS case,  a necklace using a lanyard, and  a Amber Alert GPS bracelet or watch.
  • There are some other extra safety features that prevent other people tracking your child and also a system that will automatically call the parent if the child wanders away from a selected area.

The units also have a panic button that the child can press it ever they feel they are in danger or frightened. An SOS message with the child’s location is then sent to the parent and often the parent can also listen in to what is going on. Kids do go missing for all sorts of reasons, not all of them are malicious but it is impossible to tell until you find your child again. Having a Child Amber Alert GPS tracker is a great advantage for parents and a great safety feature for children.

Amber alert GPS locator Monthly Pricing

As with any gadget you buy, there is a $15 monthly cost involved. But with this particular GPS tracker you will not be required to pay activation fees.

  • The Amber Alert GPS Review found the company provides phone and email support.
  • The FAQ section is comprehensive.

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