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The purpose of Watching the World: best reason for child GPS jewelry posts is to help parents learn the techniques of child abductors and remember the real threat to their kids. In the world news today, child abduction is more prevalent, and our hearts go out to the parents that have experienced a child abduction.  We understand a parent’s worse nightmare is a child taken or missing.

4th of July deadly for autistic boy


In Michigan, a 9-year-old autistic boy Omarion Humphrey wanders off at a 4th of July outing with his foster family on Saturday. The boy went missing at park, recreation complex that has a body of water. He required close supervision because of his tendency to wander and limited speech. The boy was unsupervised.

The many volunteers held out hope that he would be found alive. Sadly, Omarion was found drowned in the lake. Omarion was not wearing an Amber Alert GPS Locator, Black (AT&T). The GPS tracking device has proven to alert parents and first responders to start immediately tracking a child that could prevented this tragedy, according to a retired Safety Specialist.

r0_0_1158_1611_w1200_h678_fmaxA 9-year-old girl was on her way home from school. The little girl was waiting on a parent at the bus stop, but no one arrived. So Ebony started to walk home. she walked by a parked car a man grabbed her, threw her in the car and drove off to a distance dam. The man bound her with wire and raped her, weighted her book bag and threw her into a dam to drowned.

Alleged abduction a teaching moment for parents to keep kids safe. Credit: Fox  28 News, Image.



“It’s horrible, you can’t breathe, you lose your breath, you start to panic,” said Kristine Klotz that has a seven-year-old girl has disappeared in the past. A Capt. Phil Trent of South Bend Police Department offer these following suggestions to keep your kids safe:

  • Create a set of rules for your children
  • Make sure you always track your kids
  • Have a plan for constant supervision
  • Remember a kid can be snatched in an instant

04-Franshela-Vaz-abductedFamily Abduction. According to Mumbai news, a 7-year-old girl, Franshela Fransisco Vaz, went missing from outside her house in Airoli. The reason was a long-held grudge over a family argument that led to the abduction, the girl strangled to death by her relative.

Little mercy for child abductors and buyers-China Daily

A young boy is sitting on a swing set and looking at a shadow figure of a man or bully at a playground. Use it for a kidnap or defense concept.

The call for the death penalty for a crime as widely supported as that against kidnappers, according to China In a county where legally a family are allowed only one child. an abducted child is disastrous. Zhang Shuxia, an obstetrician in Fuping, North China stole and sold six newborns, telling their parents that their children were either stillborn or died after birth. The buyers of kidnapped children are seldom punished for their illegal acts.