Child locator device for kids help leading cause of Autism death

The leading cause of Autism deaths is due to drowning. Child locator device is an excellent way for parents, teachers and other caregivers to keep autistic and other special need children safe from wandering. The Child Locator device could be worn on the wrist, belt loops or shoelaces. The US government will help pay for tracking devices typically for those with a history of severe wandering. The money is provided in a grant front the federal government. the local police department would be able to make the child locator device for kids available to the community through the Byrne grant program. Please contact local law enforcement for details.

Child Locator Device-Get Peace of Mind. Use Best Waterproof Child Locator Device

BuddyTag-GPSMy Buddy Tag GPS Tracking device for kids $47.99


Helps prevent accidental drowning!

  • Buddy Tag child locator device watch for kids uses Bluetooth to communicate with a smart phone app, downloaded for free from iTunes Store or Google Play Store
  • No monthly fee.
  • Adjustable safe zones alerts you when out of range
  • Helps prevent accidental drowning by alerting you if your child falls into a pool.
  • Panic Button to let you know help is needed.
  • Email with Last Seen Location feature with map location when the child out of the Bluetooth range.
  • Each package comes with a Buddy Tag and Velcro wristband. The wristband also comes with 3 personal ID inserts.
  • There are multiple ways to wear a Buddy Tag wristband. Besides the wrist, belt loop, stand-alone device or a shoelace.

Autism-TrilocGPSTriLoc GPS locator watch wander prevention $314.77


  • 2G/3G/4G cellular and GPS technology
  • Multi-zone Geo-fence with customizable schedules
  • Water resistant up to 3ft, Battery life up to 48 hours
  • Two-way voice and SOS/Check-in button
  • Lockable strap with tamper, over-speed alert and fall detection

AutismWatchLOK8U Freedom Wandering Prevention $99.65


  • The Freedom system comprises a wristwatch incorporating GPS and GSM locator with lockable strap, a portable receiver, and a charger base
  • Positioning < 10ft outdoor RF range; 35ft max indoor, 100 yards, max outdoors, users variable (high, medium, low)
  • The portable receiver sends out a signal that’s picked up by the watch and transmitted back.
  • Materials Case: High-Impact Polycarbonate; Band: Non hypoallergenic rubber
  •   The Freedom watch is affixed to the wrist as a normal watch
  •  Locking feature which can only be removed by using the special release tool
  • Requires 1 year Contract for secure web portal, tracking, email, & text message alerts

GPS-SmartsoleGPS SmartSole shoe insole $299.00



  • Real-time tracking and alerts
  • The GPS SmartSoles feel like regular insoles
  • Cellular technology T-Mobile GSM
  • Geozones enter and exit location
  • Batter life 2-3 days with low battery alert
  • Monitor with app or website

3 steps to prevent wandering

  • Enroll your child in special need swimming lessons
  • Always attached a wearable ID that can be worn 24/7 with caregivers information
  • Safeguard your child with window and door alarms to alert you to wandering
  • Choice Alert Wireless Alarm Kit $35.99