11 reason your kid wants GPS

As a family, our plates are very full. Our daily tasks seem never to end. Now our children’s lives are more complicated than past generations. Today GPS for kids technology cover more than just possible abduction. There is a growing list of more than 300 different models of GPS tracking devices for kids.

The following 11 reasons kids are happy to have the ability to use GPS trackers to avoid:

  1. abduction, walking to school or playing
  2. lost on vacation, mall or sporting event
  3. illness at school
  4. hurt need assistance
  5. threatened or bullied
  6. school shooting, bomb, emergency
  7. need advice drugs, sex
  8. home alone
  9. natural disaster
  10. bad day missed you
  11. peace of mind

An important note a parent should think about when selecting a tracking device for their kids is the age of the child. Is the child a Preschooler, Schoolage, Teenager or has special needs? Second do you want a device to grow with the child or start with a device with no monthly fee? Finally what style of GPS jewelry for your child. A child GPS tracker watch, a child locator bracelet, or GPS necklace.

The best GPS trackers for kids have some important benefits to keep your child safe or in limited contact with you. The child tracking device should have a reliable track record for accuracy, lightweight, easy to operate, SOS feature, ability to call or message and geofence zone.

The following GPS for kids devices are broken down by age group from Preschooler to Teenager.


GPS tracking device for kids should have an adjustable range up to 150ft with an SOS alarm. The GPS tracker is a great proactive device for preschoolers playing outdoors, the mall, vacation or sporting events. The GPS for kids SOS feature will not only protect them from a dangerous area but will provide you with peace of mind. The GPS tracking devices for kids below are a great supplement against possible abduction.


Guardian GPS tracking device for kids $54.99 



My Buddy Tag Bracelet Tracker $38.18



Mommy, I’m Here! Tracker $24.69



It’s very sad that every 40 seconds, a child is reported missing or abducted in the United States. According to the experts, 32% of attempted abductions happen when a child is involved in a school-related activity. The abduction happens in afternoon early evening. If you live where there has been an amber alert or attempted abduction. If your child walk, ride a bike or take a bus to school these GPS tracking device for kids are a must as a first step.


Amber Alert GPS Tracker



Pocket finder GPS Tracker



FiLIP 2 GPS tracking watch for kids with voice $149.00



Many teenagers will request a cell phone at this age. There are a lot of smartphone apps with basic GPS on iTunes or Google Play.  However, GPS tracking device for teens are needed because of their activity level and the operation of a motor vehicle. At this stage, your child’s independence and privacy are important. Keep open the lines of communication, talk to your child about your concern for their safety. GPS tracking technology will allow them to have the personal freedom they desire while making sure they are safe from harm. About 25% of teen abductions happen in parking lots, coming from work or parties. A growing epidemic for teenagers is human trafficking. As a reminder, a large percentage of young teens are sexually abused from people they know like relative, friend, neighbor, clergy, coach, teacher, parent’s boyfriend or camp counselor.

Spot-Gen Satelite-GPS

Spot Gen. Satellite Messenger $149.95



Trackimo GPS Tracker $139.99


MotoSafety Teen GPS Vehicle Tracking System $65.04 


GPS tracker for kids conclusion

We want all family members to avoid the heartache of a missing or abducted child. As a first step, a GPS tracker for kids will provide peace of mind for the whole family. We researched the internet for experts and products that offer the best GPS tracking devices from Preschooler to Teenager in a convenient location for you.