Mommy I'm here CL-305 alert advanced locator tracker

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The Mommy I’m here CL-305 GPS Tracking Chip alerts: Customer Review is part of the 29 best GPS trackers for kids post series. So you can stay connected to your children with one click of a button!


Great Buy: 76%
Don’t Bother: 24%

Positive Feedback: GPS tracking chip Bluetooth work exactly as promised. Works great!
Critical Feedback: Went off randomly, hard to attach.

The Mommy I’m here CL-305 GPS Tracking Chip for Kids


Bob White, Founder

The Mommy I’m here CL-305 alert advanced locator tracker GPS tracking chip for kids device was designed for parents by a parent. The Founder, Bob White, of the Mommy Im here child locator device with alert, tells his inspirational story of the panic and frustration when his two-year old daughter Hailey went missing in a store. As he recounted the story, we all can relate too, one moment she was there and the next moment she was gone.  So many things went through his mind, the uncertainty of Hailey situation was frightening:

  • Did someone take her?
  • Did she just innocently wander off?
  • Will she be a statistic like 50, 000 parents suffering a forever lost child?

Thankfully, his daughter was found quickly, but he thought, if he was prepared with a GPS tracking chip this stressful event would have been avoided. So he took action and created a reliable and high quality product that is affordable to parents with small children.

The Mommy I’m here GPS tracking chip for Kids has won many awards:

  • A 2015 Top Choice Of The Year – by Creative Child Magazine and Baby Maternity Retailer!
  • Top 50 Travel Safety Products for Families
  • 10 Best Wearable Tracking Devices to Keep Kids Safe –

Mommy I’m here CL-305 GPS Tracking Device for Kids review covers:

  • What are the child locator tracker benefits?
  • How does the Mommy I’m Here CL-305 alert advanced locator tracker work?
  • Why Mommy I’m Here is loved by customers
  • Why some Mommy I’m Here customers were disappointed
  • Product details for kids locator tracker device
  • What is the quality of Customer Service Support?

What are the child locator tracker benefits?

The mommy im here  CL-305 alert advanced locator tracker allows parents to find children fast. The benefits of the product are:

  • Receiver/transmitter set has a 150 foot range
  • Alerts you with a beep when child 40 feet away
  • Easy to use on child shoe or belt
  • Loud 90 decibels alarm locator
  • 12v mini battery included

How does the Mommy I’m Here CL-305 alert advanced locator tracker work?

The child locator is a small two-unit wireless device. The Teddy-bear comes in many different colors. The bear easily mounts to a child’s shoe or belt. The child’s unit communicates with a keychain transmitter. The parent just simply press the button on the parents transmitter and an alarm alert will sound. The Founder and President demonstrates how tracking device for kids works

Why Mommy I’m Here is loved by customers

  • The blue bear device can grow with your baby. There are different locators for the size of your child. The bear is durable after some time of use without any problems.
  • This GPS tracking chip was chosen instead of the Bluetooth tag that you track with your phone because I wanted control. This product does one thing very well, track my child. I glad I made the decision.
  • This product works exactly as promised. The options between bears works well for my youngest child. The brown bear works like a locator device for my oldest child and we love them both.
  • The bear is small and laces in a child’s shoes perfectly.
  • The device has great battery life. We are happy with the alert volume. The customer service response to concerns is great.
  • A retired police officer is happy with the device, its a nice aid. As a grandpa, I am very safety focused. This device give me comfort when the toddler is with me at the zoo.

Why some Mommy I’m Here customers were disappointed

  • The device was purchased for a child that sleeps walks. The device was inconsistent, we set it up exactly per the device instructions, but the device went off. We used the device on vacation,  the 1st time it went off at around 25 ft, then 50 ft. and the third time not at all.  The new alert feature did not produce the expected results!
  • My only complaint is that it activates  just 10 – 15 feet away.  The sound is annoying. The product needs a range setter to regulate the device.
  • The device didn’t work as promised. The transmitter went off without cause.

Teddy Tag Bluetooth Wearable Smart GPS tracking chip

The Mommy I’m Here company has a Bluetooth Wearable Smart Child Locator device similar to the My Buddy Tag.


The Teddy Tag offers the same features of the My Buddy Tag. The key features are:

  • The device app pairs with iphone and Android mobile device
  • Utilizes Bluetooth 4.o technology chip
  • the device is rechargeable with USB cable
  • Auto alerts and Panic button
  • device shut-off prevention
  • Water resistant

The Teddy Tag doesn’t include some key features that parents consider important:

  • Doesn’t offer the feature to assist in the prevention accidental drowning
  • Doesn’t include the feature of last seen locator
  • The device is water resistant and not water proof.


gps tracking chip

Product details for GPS tracking chip device


Part Number CL305
Item Weight 5 ounces
Product Dimensions 9.6 x 5.7 x 2.2 inches
Origin China
Item model number cl-305
Color Blue
Material Plastic
Power Source cordless-electric
Item Package Quantity 1
Batteries Included? Yes
Batteries Required? Yes
Warranty Description 60 Days limited manufacturers warranty

What is the quality of Customer Service Support?

The customer service is responsive through email.