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GPS Tracking Device for kids no monthly fee protection

I’m sure we can all agree our proudest moment in life was when the doctor said its a girl or boy. On that day our life changed forever. Although life is filled with so much promise worrying about our kids is a never-ending task. There are so many dangers around every corner.

 Since your reading this article you understand the need to have an actionable plan in case a quick response is needed to find a lost child. GPS Tracking Device for kids no monthly fee works when on vacation, the mall or your kid’s going to and from school. So how do we protect them and make realistic budget choices on protection technology?

This article will share reliable GPS Tracking device for kids no monthly fee options ranging from toddler lightweight location tracker device to GPS cell phones for teenagers with no monthly fee. The most effective technology images, verified purchased reviews and pricing to protect our young ones are at the end of this article or you can click GPS Tracking device for kids no monthly fee now to see them.

Are you over reacting?

 You are not over reacting! Most of your neighbors, in fact, 50% are concerned about their child being kidnapped with children under 18 years old. See graphic below presented by A notable statistic I leave for all mothers, fathers, and grandmas that cost nothing but will save a child’s mental health even their lives.

Six-in-ten parents worry their children might be bullied at some point

According to accurate data on children abductions are not very reliable. However, abductions from fighting parents happen more often than kidnapping by strangers. Also, sexual assault on a young child is cause by a new boyfriend or relative. So mothers watch your new boyfriend. Fathers watch the relative that you are unsure of, and grandma watch us all.

Toddlers Portable GPS Tracker no monthly fee

My Buddy Tag  the most complete location tracker with no monthly fee. The tracker is designed for toddlers and wander that are playing in the general area. The benefits it’s a Bluetooth-based product that is easy to use. It’s the only locator device that is designed to help prevent drownings around pools. Visit site for recent reviews.

Guardian Angel for 2 Kid’s Tracker This kid’s tracker is designed for parents with more than one child. The device allows you to track up to 4 kids simultaneously. The Guardian Angel allows you to set up to 3 distances ranges. Visit site for recent reviews.

Schoolage GPS Tracking no monthly fee

KidsConnect GPS Tracker no contract Cell Phone
This is the best of both worlds in a GPS Tracking device for kids no monthly fee. Use it only when you need it. It’s a GPS and cell phone all-in-one. This device allows real-time tracking and location history for your 5-11-year-old. Offers a feature to send a text message and get a call to check out your kid’s current location surroundings.Visit site for recent reviews.

WATCHU G2-GRE GPS Prepaid Tracking Smart Watch for Kids
This Child GPS tracker no monthly fee watch and smartphone allows two-way communication. The parents can set up zones to know at an instant the child location.
A parent can pair watches together among siblings to talk real time through the watches.

Tweens Real-time GPS Tracking device no monthly fee

BLU R1 HD Child GPS tracker without monthly fee prepaid enabled smartphone This is a great phone for teens. The most recent smartphone for Blu that is unlocked. The almost 4,000 amazon reviews praise the inexpensive phone because it has power, preforms like a high end phone with style to match.



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