The best tracking device for Preschooler

The best GPS tracking device for kids should have an adjustable range up to 150ft with an SOS alarm. This is a great proactive device for preschoolers playing outdoors, the mall, vacation or sporting events. The GPS for kids SOS feature will not only protect them from dangerous area but will provide you with peace of mind. The GPS tracking devices for kids below are a great supplement against possible abduction.

GuardianAngelTrackerLocator2Guardian GPS tracking device for kids $54.99 


Buying the Guardian Kid’s Tracker will simplify your life: No more Hide-and-Seek!!!

  • One Tracker Base can control up to four tags
  • You can set three alarm distances
  •  If a child should move more than the set alarm distance away from the parent, a 95 dB beep alarm is triggered both on the parent’s unit and the child unit.
  • The Master unit also plays a melody and vibrates when the alarm is triggered.
  • A row of 4 LEDs light indicate in which direction the child has strayed.
  • Tracker work indoor and outdoors
  • Tag can transmit a Panic/Stress alert to the parent unit
  • No monthly fee


My Buddy Tag Bracelet Tracker $38.18


Help prevent accidental drowning!

  • Buddy Tag GPS watch for kids uses Bluetooth to communicate with a smart phone app, downloaded for free from iTunes Store or Google Play Store
  • No monthly fee.
  • Adjustable, safe zones alerts you when out of range
  • Help prevent accidental drowning by alerting you if your child falls into a pool.
  • Panic Button to let you know help is needed.
  • An email with Last Seen Location feature with map location when the child out of the Bluetooth range.
  • Each package comes with a Buddy Tag and Velcro wristband. The wristband also comes with three personal ID inserts.
  • There are multiple ways to wear a Buddy Tag wristband. Besides the wrist, belt loop, stand-alone device or a shoelace.

MommyChildLocatorMommy I’m Here! Tracker $24.69


Mommy I’m Here child tracking device was designed by parents for parents.

  • Electronic child locator is like an invisible leash for kids.
  • If you turn around, and your child is not there, simply press the button on your keychain remote transmitter to set off the alarm on the bear, alerting others to the situation your child may be facing, stopping a potential abduction and allowing you to locate your child.
  • You can even operate more than one bear with one keychain transmitter
  • The locator will work from over 150 feet away
  • water resistant and shock resistant
  • long-life batteries already installed and ready to use
  • A sturdy mounting loop for lacing into the shoes, child’s belt, or suspenders.

sample 1Kid So Safe Locator Watch $39.97


Better than GPS – #1 Rated By Moms!

  • Tracking bracelet is accurate, reliable, and easy-to-use.
  • No Monthly Service Fees or Charges.
  • Safety for your Autistic, ADD, ADHD, & Hyperactive Children.
  • Kid-tracking device looks just like a watch, so your kids will love to wear it.
  • You’ll love it because it gives you peace-of-mind, especially in busy public places where they’re most likely to get lost.

GPS tracking device for kids aid in abuse prevention

In addition to GPS tracking device for kids, the following books will help parents teach their children to be cautious and aware of their surroundings to aid in prevention. Research has proven the adage our parents taught us “stranger danger” is not effective in protecting our kids. A high percentage of children abducted or sexually abused are by people they know as a relative, friend, neighbor, clergy, coach, babysitter, teacher, parents boyfriend or camp counselor. As parents, we are horrified to learn that a relative could do something so despicable to a 3-year-old girl, but the statistics don’t lie. We must take responsibility to practice abuse prevention by using GPS tracking device for kids and very familiar with the books below. Today’s life skill for children like reading, writing and arithmetic.

Family Acquaintance Predator 183,200 annual 65%
Stranger Predator 72,400 annual 27%
Family Member Predator 27,200 annual 10%

Parents must be prepared by practicing attacks with their child.  Children are in a catch 22. They will stay quiet when abused because we teach them to make everyone happy. At the same time they don’t understand how to talk about sex with parents. A good start, teach them your cell phone number. Create a safety word for you and only your child to use for emergency. Always have them carry a GPS tracking device and a hidden personal alarm with an emergency rip cord clip inside their belt or pants when they are apart from you. The Vigilant 135dB personal alarm is the professional series that is so loud it will surprise an adult and give your child a chance to run for help.