GPS Tracking Device-AZ-KidGPS-gpsprotectsourkidsGPS Tracking technology is currently being used to keep track of active kids. The GPS tracking device enables parents to know where their children are when their kids need the parents the most. KidGPS is a small GPS tracking device with real-time location tracking created just for kids. The GPS device has a quick setup and is easy to use app. The GPS locating device for kids lets you find the location of your child, anywhere, from your smartphone or tablet. You can customized zones and receive push notifications when your child leaves or arrives at common locations like home or school. KidGPS also includes a built-in alert button, enabling kids to instantly alert you of their location in scary situations.



KidGPS provides the following benefits for your family:

No Worries   It’s easy to setup and use whether you’re tracking one child or your entire family

On-Demand Location Your child’s location at the push of a button

Track Driver A tap of your finger will provide GPS tracking device for cars your child is in and its current location.

Track Multiple Kids Easily track an unlimited amount of kids.

Customize Zones Customize frequently visited zones, like school or home. Then receive push notifications when your child arrives at or leaves your customized zones.

Location Accuracy KidGPS uses GPS for position location. GPS is satellite based and most accurate outside with a view of the sky.  The KidGPS works well indoors.

Sharing with Family KidGPS let’s you share access to your child’s location with trusted adults. You can revoke their access at any time.

Emergency Alerts  One push of the Help button on KidGPS will displays a message on your phone, letting you know your child is in a scary situation.

How the KidGPS GPS Devices Work

KidGPS is an easy to use child locator device with a GPS Beacon that parents can track using the free KidGPS app. KidGPS  communicates over wireless networks and works anywhere in the United States where a cellular signal is available. Location is determined via GPS, the same positioning system used in GPS tracking device for car navigation systems.

Parents can use the KidGPS app to locate their child or be notified when they leave or arrive at common destinations. Children can also alert parents to their position if they are in a scary situation with the built-in help button.

GPS Device specifications

  • KidGPS works with mobile devices running iOS8 (all newer iPhone/iPad are fully supported).
  • KidGPS is rated to last 5 days on a charge. The built-in rechargeable battery charges via micro-USB (cable included).
  • Included in box- KidGPS Tracking Beacon, Lanyard, Belt Clip, Charging Cable, Quick Start Guide
  • Service Plans -KidGPS uses a nationwide, reliable cellular network to pinpoint your child’s location at a moment’s notice. No long term commitments are required, cancel anytime. There are no contracts and you can cancel anytime.

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