Guardian Angel for 2 Kids Tracker Review Customer Opinions:

The Guardian Angel for 2 kids tracker review is a part of the 29 best GPS trackers for kids post series. So you can stay connected to your children with one click!

Great Buy: 62%

Don’t Bother: 38%

Positive Feedback: Product work exactly as promised. Very innovative.
Critical Feedback: Setup hard to understand. Alarm sound small.

This Guardian Angel for 2 kids tracker review will cover:

  • What are the child tracker locator benefits?
  • How does the Guardian Angel for 2 kids Tracker review work?
  • Why Guardian Angel Tracker is love by customers
  • Why some Guardian Angel Tracker customers were disappointed
  • Product details for kids tracker locator device?
  • The quality of Customer Service Support?

What are the Guardian Angel Tracker benefits?

The Guardian Angel for 2 kids tracker review the child digital wireless tracker locator device primarily used for toddlers. The device allows your child freedom of exploration while keeping tabs with a single click of a button.  The device is no substitute for active parent supervision. However, the device acts like another set of eyes dedicated to the safety of your child’s well-being. The Guardian Angel for 2 kids tracker review verified customer purchased the Guardian Angel 2-4 kid’s tracker for various events:

  • Camping
  • Holiday trip
  • Taking kids to the Park
  • The crowded Zoo
  • Disney Trip
  • Vacation travel
  • Cognitive delayed child that wanders
  • Sports event
  • Museum
  • Rural Living
  • Aquarium
  • Library
  • Dinner

The key features of the Guardian Angel for 2 kids tracker review, the device works whether the device is indoors or outside. The device is lightweight and its small size make it easy to use for children. The batteries are included and use safe 2.4 GHz RF technology, so very safe for your child. The device does not have sleep mode for the battery, so good to turn off the device when not in use. There is a low battery alert, both units will start to beep every two minutes. The Guardian Angel 2-4 tracker device comes with two lanyards so kids can wear around their neck or the device has a clip to attach to clothing.

The device comes standard with 2 kid’s trackers. The base unit can track up to four tags. The maximum search distance is 1,600 feet. The tags can be configured with three out-of-range distances.

  • 16 feet
  • 32 feet
  • 64 feet

The 95 dB alarm sound can be set to an alarm, vibration or melody.  The device can be used in quiet areas to conduct a quiet search. The Base and Tag units are muted on the initial setup. The Based device Search/Set button is pressed and then use the direction indicator.

The tag has a Panic alert, so your child can alert you to danger with a press of a button. When the child goes outside the range set by the parent the alarm is activated both on the parents Base unit and the Tag unit for the child. A row of LED light will point the direction where your child has wandered off.

How does the Guardian Angel 2-4 kid’s Tracker work?

Guardian for Angel 2 kids tracker review starts with the installation of the batteries. and switch the device on the Base unit will make noise while it is syncing up the Tag. Disregard the sound of the units until the device is linked. The manual provide specific instruction on how to link the devices to avoid frustration with the initial setup.

It is simple to manage the 2-4 tag units from the Base unit. First, the tags are color coordinated to the lights on the Base (Master) unit. There are four Connect Status indicators, going from left to right – Blue, Red, Green, and Yellow lights on the Base unit. If your child goes out of range, the respective Connect Status light will blink a bright red color. The Base unit has a disarm  feature if one or more of the trackers will not be in use for an event.

When your child is out-of-range use the Search function to find your child, which is accurate to within 60 degrees. The search function must first be calibrated by holding the Base unit at chest level and scan the area slowly in a circular direction. Move the Base unit 360 degree to start the calibration, then just move in the direction a few feet, then take another 360 scans.

The following video will walk you through the setup and key features on how the Guardian Angel tracker works.

Why Guardian Angel Tracker loved by customers

The majority of purchased customers on Amazon love the Guardian Angel Tracker. Many customer mentioned they did research before purchasing this device. The product performed as advertised.  The bugs are not large and they are very age appropriate. The design appeals to toddlers and they like wearing the device.

One verified Amazon customer stated:

We have four kids under 9, we took a Disney trip for 3 days!!, this was perfect!!, and made our trip a lot less stressful!!!  J. S.

The company had parents in mind when designing the Guardian Angel Tracker. The device is already synced and just need batteries. The great thing is that batteries are included.

The following reasons customers are happy with purchased:

  • The device can be put on silent mode. This option allows the device to vibrate instead of sounding the alarm when noise is not appropriate, like a library.
  • Its easy to locate the main device. just push the master unit and the bug will beep for location.
  • The device has a couple of ways to attach the bug to a child with a lanyard or clip.
  • A great feature is everything is control by the master unit. You can turn one or both Tag units off from the parents unit.
  • The master unit search function that allow you to locate in the general direction where your kids are is useful
  • The bugs are small, so you can be creative on how you want to attach the device to your child.
  • The setup was easy only took 10 minutes.
  • The device has an alarm button
  • The battery life is good about 5-6
  • makes great gift for grandparents

Another verified Amazon customer states:

 I tried four other brands, this one seem to work best. not perfect, but less false alert than others. seem to work better when the child wear on his/her neck and the receiver is expose outside. T.J.

The following video shows the device in action:

 Why some Guardian Angel Tracker customers were disappointed?

A small number of critical complaints of the product was unexpected results. An Amazon customer stated the alarm beeped at the airport near automatic doors. Another customer experienced interference from other equipment that affected the signal between the tracker and the Base unit.

Other critical complaints were on the setup. One customer stated: the setup was extremely difficult and was not able to sync up devices. I just couldn’t understand the instructions to get the device to work properly. comment:
In reviewing the manual for the Guardian Angel Tracker, the instructions are detailed and helpful. The above YouTube video will help with setup of the device.

Features and product details for kids tracker

You can set Three alarm distances:

Near:32’+- 16′ (10m+-5m) Middle: 64’+-32(20+-10m) Far:160’+-64′ (50m+-20m) – Search Range: 1600 feet One Base can control up to four tags (two tags included in the package)

Product Details

  • Product Dimensions: 8.3 x 5.9 x 2.4 inches ; 0.3 ounces
  • Shipping Weight: 6.4 ounces

Standard Return Policy

  • Return for refund within 30 days
  • Return for replacement within 30 days

The quality of Customer Service Support?

All customer contact is through email. The customer service department responsive to emails and questions.

Key Features:

One Base can control up to four tags (two tags included in the package) Works indoors and outdoors (unlike Gps Devices, which only work when the device “see” the sky) Safe 2.4GHz RF technology Alarm can be set to trigger at variable distances The Base is equipped with a direction indicator to speed the search Tags can transmit a Panic/Stress alert to the Base.

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Guardian Angel 807G Installation Video: Adam Yuan/YouTube
Guardian Angel for 4 Tracker Locator Alarm – Product Tour video: Newegg Products/YouTube