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As head of the family, I take the responsibility of protecting my family with a solid disaster plan seriously.  The importance of making the right decisions through can be overwhelming.

I’m sure you would agree information overload on the Internet. Regarding picking the right GPS device for kids. What are the best way to purify water or preparedness water filters is a lot to digest. Along with the cost of the items, you might use tomorrow or years from now is a real expense. In this post, I will explain why:

  • The #1 reason your disaster plan may fail
  • Our family’s bug out bag disaster plan
  • How to purify water in the wild

The #1 reason your disaster plan may fail is water storage

Everyone agrees water is critical to our existence. A good supply of safe and purified drinking water is a primary concern in an emergency. FEMA recommends at least one gallon of water per person for three days in a bug out survival bag and two weeks of water at home at a minimum for each family member.

A family of four would store a minimum 12.5  gallons of water in a bug out bag, which is 104.25 pounds. Divide that by four, can you imagine your wife or kids carrying a weight in excess of 25 pounds of water plus food and other equipment necessaries over rough terrain? The total weight could easily be 40-50 pounds. Even if I  wanted to carry that weight, it’s too heavy for me and my family to handle.

The short-term how to purify water

I had to change my thinking on our bug out bag disaster plan from a 72-hour short-term to a long-term strategy. I believe the amount of water recommended only works if the emergency allows you to have a vehicle. But a typical evacuation for a terrorist attack, fires, floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, blackout, commercial accidents can quickly change to a long term way of life without transportation.

By taking the long-term view, I reduced the amount of water by two gallons per person. I can follow FEMA recommendation of not rationing our water but drink the amount we need for today and then try to find more tomorrow.

Bug out bag disaster list for water portion only. For both Mom and dad bag; in case separated

Kids Bug out bag

  • SOS Emergency water packets
  • Nalgene wide mouth Canteen 96 oz
  • SP128 Mini Water Filtration System
  • Lifestraw personal water filter
  • Solar charger – for radio cell phone
  • SE FS374 Magnesium Fire Starter
  • Esbit Ultralight Folding Stove

Long-term purify water storage solution

Many websites recommend using this solid product by 260 Gallon Water Storage Tank, but the cost is too much of an expense for my family, about $700.

I decided to think outside the box and use the following:

This is our how to purify water disaster plan portion for our bug out bag. We will practice with the bag over the next few weeks carrying it around and over various terrain to learn if the process will work.

be a hero. be prepared


Homemade water filter

A disaster situation clean water is a must. Follow these simple steps for DIY clean water.

  1. Use two containers. One for unfiltered water. second for collection of filtered water.
  2. Cut small holds into the first container bottom to allow water only to flow through the container.
  3. Locate these filtering materials
    • gravel
    • sand
    • charcoal
    • coffee filters
  4. allow the water to drain into second container
  5. boiling water is recommended

credit: image-howstuffworks


How to purify water in the wild

Solar water stills are very effective in changing salt water or unfiltered water into drinking water. To make a Solar still:

  • Dig a wide hole about a foot or more
  • Place a container in the middle to collect condensation
  • add vegetation inside the hole
  • cover with a plastic sheet or tarp
  • add a small rock to funnel the water to the container