The goal of our blog is to protect our family with GPS technology and prevention tools.  We will be the first to agree family protection cost money. We started this blog to educate parents like us, with children and assist others to finance those protection products. We have found most families can learn how to start your own website in around 20 minutes. Start your own website or how do you start a blog site just takes a good idea and solid work ethic.

This post covers the step-by-step on how to start your own website or blog cheap with WordPress on Bluehost to help you monetize your talents via a blog, with the goal to help protect your family.

Just in case some of the website terms are new to you, let me explain them:

  • Hosting provider-A company like Bluehost that will store your website or blog on their network servers.
  • Domain-The name of your website visitors will type in to find your blog.
  • for your content and design layout for your pages on your site.

This guide is the best method how to start your own website to get you up and running in 20 minutes or less. Today special discount pricing on hosting, includes a free registered domain name with 12-month hosting plan, free site builder, 1-click wordpress install and 24/7 wordpress support through this Bluehost link.

I want to be transparent; there are other services on how to start a successful blog. There are free hosted sites like and But you have limited control on how you can operate your blog. If you are interested in making money on your site…free is not the solution. Bluehost allows you to place affiliates links, direct advertising or ads on you site. Also many bloggers quickly outgrow the free sites, then switching to a paid service is a real pain.

20 minutes how to start your own website

  1. Go to Bluehost and sign up so they can host your website or blog
  2. Choose a domain name for your site. using .com is most recognized
  3. Install Word Press with 1-click thru Bluehost
  4. Select a theme or design layout for your site
  5. Start posting high-quality and engaging content

To set up a self-hosted blog on, you need to set up a hosting account. WordPress recommends only a few hosting companies. The hosting service that is first on their list is Bluehost

Why WordPress selected Bluehost as #1?

  • Number #1 in the industry with 2 million active websites/blogs
  • Cheap as low as $3.95 a month or lower based on promotion
  • Super easy to use
  • Extremely reliable – best uptime average is 99.9%
  • Your satisfaction is their top priority! Use it for 30 days, if not happy full money-back guarantee.
  • No term commitments
  • Excellent U.S.A customer support phone, email or chat 24/7

Step 1: Purchase your hosting package.

Bluehost will be your new blog home. You will have access to your blog anywhere you can connect to the Internet. The most popular hosting fee of $5.95 per month to rent the cloud space and house your blog. It’s popular because you get the following unlimited access to disk space, domains, bandwidth, email accounts and the creation of unlimited websites.

Of course, you can choose the starter option $3.49 per month, and upgrade to the plus when your website or blog is ready. The following screenshots are from Bluehost. The website will open in a new window so you can follow along.

Step 2: Register your domain name

The importance of a good domain can’t be overstated. The domain should be memorable, short, easy to spell, and make use of search keywords. Bluehost offers a free domain name for the first year with annual hosting payment.

If you don’t have a domain name, enter your domain name on the left, I need a domain name.


If you have a domain name, enter the domain name on the right. Bluehost provide the information you’ll need for transferring your domain.

  • Now enter your billing information
  • The extra domain registration add-ons or upgrades are up to you except the Domain Whois Privacy. Highly recommended to protect your personal information.
  • Welcome to Bluehost Congratulations message
  • Create your password

Step 3: Install WordPress

Bluehost will send you a welcome email after your purchase is completed. The email contains important information to save for future reference.

  • Now login to your control panel (cpanel) use the link contained in the email
  • Locate the website builder and click on the WordPress icon.
  • Follow the instructions to install WordPress
  • Use the default domain location unless you wish to create a subfolder
  • Enter your WordPress user information
  • Click to install WordPress
  • After WordPress has been installed a message will appear showing “status: Success.”
  • Finally, click on the Admin link. To login to WordPress enter your username and password.

The next page is the WordPress Dashboard. The backend of your website. Here is where you will create your posts and maintain your blog. Let me explain some of the common navigation menus you will use to create content.

  • Posts are blog articles display with comments in reverse order on the home page
  • Pages are static and are not listed in reverse order like posts
  • Media is the location of your graphics and allows you to crop or scale the image
  • Comments is your command center to reply to visitors comments
  • Appearance handles the theme, widgets and layout of your site
  • Plugins are use to enhance WordPress with SEO or other features


Step 4: Install a WordPress theme

Under the Appearance menu are the WordPress themes which are free to use to layout your website.  Which is great, but the problem everyone on the internet are using them. The themes are not typically supported by trained customer service representatives.

This website uses the premium themes for about $40-60. and unique graphics for very low $5 cost by Theme Forest design which has the largest selection of premium themes to layout and publish outstanding posts.

Step 5: Start posting engaging content

An excellent site to learn intermitted and advance features of WordPress on how to start your own website is They have great step-by-step process videos.

Finding the right keywords for your article to create engaging content for your visitors is most important. offers free keyword research. They will also provide you with real-time Google ranking for your website. Do you want to know how your competitors are doing or improve your website’s SEO? SEMrush offers a free trial to help you put your best foot forward.

A great marketing resource to attract more visitors and write engaging content is Neil Patel. He is on my daily read list. He is the master of great content.