Kid GPS Tracker

As parents, we understand that young kids are unpredictable. They are prone to wander at a moments notice. Especially at the mall, a sporting events or amusement park. We can empathize with parents that have lost a child at an outing with no Kid GPS Tracker  to communicate with them turning a great family memory into a nightmare.

As children grow the need for a Kid GPS Tracker is a must. Today the world presents children with many challenges. The threat to their safety is real from abduction, sexual assault, school shootings to bullying.

Here at we are firm believers preparedness can prevent a lot of heartaches. We thank you for your wise decision to take the safety of your children into your hands. We invite you to investigate the best Kid GPS tracker watch, bracelet and jewelry for children on the Internet.

This Kid GPS Tracker guide will cover:

  • Learn the GPS terms to select the right tracker device for your child
  • The best GPS features for Toddlers, Schoolage and Teens
  • The most popular trackers for Autism and Special Need kids
  • The top online Parent controls software
  • The future in Kid GPS Trackers

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Kid GPS tracker terms defined

To make the best decision on the various GPS for kids watches, bracelet and jewelry available we should start at the beginning with definitions and common questions. Many parents wonder what all the terms mean and how will it meet their needs.

What is GPS and how does a kid tracker work?
according to the website The Global Positioning Systems (GPS) is a U.S. owned utility that provides users with positioning, navigation, and timing services. The outstanding performance over many years has earned the confidence of users worldwide. The benefit to you is reliability, confidence and accuracy in locating your child within inches.

The typical kid GPS tracker works by utilizing a built-in GPS receiver and radio transmitter. They ping The Global Positioning Systems from multiple satellites and transmit to the cellular network. The data is sent encrypted to the provider servers. When your child moves in and out of zones, you are notified.

An important fact to remember, to avoid frustration with your new tracking device. The GPS tracker for kids reception, as with any cellular phone network coverage can be affected depending on the location.

What is GSM?
GSM means Global System for Mobile communication. Most GPS for kids devices utilize the 2G network. The network is estimated to upgrade 3G or 4G by 2017. The benefit to you is an effort by companies to continue to improve network performance make a safer world for your child.

What is LBS?
LBS means Location Based Services. When GPS is not available because of location. In certain devices LBS kicks in automatically use wireless technology to locate a position that is hard to track, like indoors or in a basement. The benefit to you able to track child no matter the location.

What is a SIM card?
SIM mean Subscriber Identity Module. A SIS card contains important information that allows mobile networks to communicate with a subscriber mobile device. The SIM card allows a user to make calls, send messages or use internet applications. The SIM card also allows phone number and other data to be stored on the tracking device. The benefit to you most SIM cards can be removed from one device to another device without losing data.

What is real-time GPS tracking?
Real-time data is transmitted by wireless networks to have instantaneous access to the location of your child. The benefit to you is constant real-time updates on the where about of your child.

What is geo-fencing?
A geo-fence is a virtual fence around an area on a map that is displayed on a cellular phone, tablet or desktop. The benefit to you is control. You set the fence for your child. When the child enters or exits the virtual boundary you are notified by text or email in real-time.

What is a child locator device?
A locator device is two wireless unit. The unit communicates with a keychain transmitter. The locator device is not a GPS  The coverage is typically less than 150 ft. This device is used for preschoolers. The benefit to you is a way to track your toddler without using the controversial child harness.

What is a Bluetooth tracker device?
Bluetooth tracker uses the BLE system that stays in constant communication with a smartphone Bluetooth. This technology doesn’t tax cell phone battery can last up to a year. The device when paired, will sound alarm when separated. This is not a GPS device. It can only tell where your child last location was.

What does water resistant mean?
Water resistant is very different than a true waterproof device.  A water resistant device protects the device from moisture but will not operate if submerged in water.

Does implanting a GPS tracking chip exists?
The reported in a 2015 article from a Security expert, that implanting a GPS tracking chips in kids is not possible with today’s technology. To implant a GPS tracking chip for kids, you would insert a chip under the skin. The problem is the battery and cell receiver would need to be the size of a pacemaker.

Why not use a smartphone GPS for tracking?
The experts agree using a cell phone GPS is not effective as a tracking device for kids because:

  • Most school prohibit cell phone in classroom
  • Smartphones have shorter battery life
  • The data plan costs more than a GPS for kids device
  • Kids are not ready to handle the distraction of a cell phone

GPS for kids jewelry and trackers all ages

An important note a parent should consider when selecting a GPS tracking device for their kids is the age of the child. Is the tracking device for a preschooler, schoolage, teenager or a child with special needs.


Preschooler kid tracker

The best tracking device for toddlers will adjust range more than 100ft. The best Kid GPS Tracker has an SOS alarm. Parents should use the device as a proactive measure. The main use is for preschoolers playing outside at parks, the mall, vacation or sporting events.

The tracking device for kids SOS feature will not only protect them from dangerous areas but will provide you with peace of mind.

The best trackers features:

  •  Use Bluetooth technology
  • The tracker will allow one base to cover up to four tags
  • The alarm should be greater than 75dB
  • The alarm will trigger on the parents and child unit
  • SOS alarm sounds when submerged in water

We recommend using a tracking device along with a Quick Stick Write-on! Child ID Tattoos. In addition, please follow the expert advice and have a current picture of your child on your smartphone on the day of your outing for total peace of mind. If your child is ever missing call the police department then call NCMEC at 1-800-THE-LOST (1-800-843-5678).


Schoolage kid tracker GPS

The real danger is to schoolage children. It’s frightening that in a 2015 blog post,  According to, regarding Back to School Safety, they provided a startling statistics: 1 out of every 3 attempted abduction takes place while a child is going to or from school or a school-related activity.

We all remember the effort and planning we went though to protect our kids in the early days at home, when they were born. We ran around childproofing the house. We are not able to protect them while they are at school. So we can be a hero and by being prepared with GPS technology.

Almost all parent Kid GPS Tracker best reviews related to the device ability to:

Real-time GPS map tracking on a cellular, website, or any device. The update option to check your child location should between 2-5 minutes.

A virtual fence that allows you to monitor your child as they enter or exits approved locations.

Panic button
An emergency number or SOS feature that will send a notification to a preset number with the location of your child

Ease of use
The ease of activation, quick set up of geo-fences, ease of tracking child, daily history review, ease of training child to use device features.

Good battery life
The best device battery life is greater than 48 hours. Parents recommend the battery saver feature which is motion-activated. Which means when the device is not in use it goes into sleep mode saving battery life. The device should have a low battery notification as part of the app.

Customer service
Product support was high on the list of importance to parents. A knowledgeable and responsive customer service department that is able to resolve any issue in a friendly manner is key. The ability to contact them via 1-800 number, email, chat or extensive FAQ with video is good.

Solid features
The benefits to you on the most impressive devices:

  • two-way talk. A preselected number is programed. when a child pushes the button communication to you is immediate.
  • Augmented Reality views – use your smartphone’s built-in camera to locate and indicate the distance to your child
  • SOS text or email alerts from child to family member up to 10 family members.
  • Solid workmanship the device is durable and made to withstand an active child.
  • A predator alert when your child is within 500ft of a registered sex offender

Teen car tracker: The top features to save your teens life

According to the  1 in 7 teens ages 16-19 died everyday from driving a motor vehicle. The main causes are teens lack of experience, risk-taking behavior, and underestimation of dangerous situations that put them at high risk for accidents. The experts recommend skill-building and driving supervision for new drivers.


The best teen car trackers perform like a watchful coach to assist young drivers to improve their skill in operating a motor vehicle. The features parents like most are the ability to be proactive in shaping their teens driver behavior:

Easy install
No installation required. Most devices plug into OBDII port under dash

Track driving behavior
Tracks and alerts when teen exceeds set speed limits. Built-in motion sensors to track rapid acceleration or sudden braking. Track unauthorized usage. The ability to detect if device is tamper with or removed.

Real-time GPS
Track location and create geo-fence areas. Receive unlimited text alert when teen enters and exit zone.

Daily teen driver report card
Reviews your teen driving history able to drill down street level. A daily report card is emailed to you that score driving activity.  Reports unsafe activity including speed, braking, quick accelerations.

Kid GPS tracker for autistic or special need child

The best autism tracking device or special needs device for children is in the design. The design should show they are aware of the tendency for obsessive or and sensory behavior issues.

The device should continuously monitor your child location via app. The ability to be attached different parts of a child clothing without notice or irritation to the child.

The  recommend contacting or to determine if a program exist in your zip code to assist with severe wandering radio transmitter tracking device expense.


Parental Control Software

The predatory crimes online are growing against children 9-17 years old. The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children’s CyberTipline states a trending concern of Sextortion.  Sextortion is a new form of online sexual exploitations in which a child is blackmail to acquired sexual photos, videos or engage in sex with the predator. The Sextortion starts online in a social network site then is move to a private location where the exploits began.

Parental control software can allow you to set limits and block or filter situations that may be harmful to your child such as:

  • Social Networks
  • Website visited
  • Online search
  • Chat or Instant message
  • Gaming

A great benefit to you is the ability to record activity with screen shots and have them email as often as you like. The best monitoring software will protect your children.

The next level in GPS tracker for kids tracker devices

We were surprised there are no GPS tracking devices in shoes for kids on sale in the USA. There have been shoes marketer attempts in the past to bring a GPS for kids tracker shoe to the market, but none has met parents requirements.

A crew from checked out the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona last month. An Asian manufacturer team created Mediatek 361 (photo credit: kids tennis shoes with a microprocessor and GPS chip embedded in the heel, which sends geo-location data to your smartphone. The shoes are recharge wirelessly, with a charging pad that acts as a home base for the pair. At this time, these shoes are only sold in China.



The founder of SAFE Family, Merle Lee Friedman was at the international, CES, in Las Vegas to unveil the next generation of GPS trackers. This tracker is available in 2015. The tracker objective is to take total care of your child by tracking their location, monitor their heart rate, temperature, and any other important medical issues.



The GPS technology for kids is only an assistant to your family overall child safety tool kit for parenting. The best Kid GPS tracker device will help you be prepared in real time for the emergency needs of your child safety.

The experts do not officially recommend any GPS tracking device. They all agree using best practices outline on the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children website. This in conjunction with GPS technology will be an effective layered approach to protect your child.

Get your total peace of mind to track what matters most.


Be a hero. Be prepared! Order today!