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How far would you go to save your kidnap child? Kidnap movie 2016, release date December 2, 2016 in United States. The trailer shows a mother and son having fun in the city’s park. Suddenly things go terribly wrong her son has been abducted. The movie featured Halle Berry, Oscar-winner’s latest thriller Berry’s character іѕ ѕhоwn playing thе gаmе Marco Pоlо with hеr son whеn he stops answering. After momentarily turning her back, Halle Berry realizes that her son is missing. She tried to look for him around and later saw her son being taken into a car by a kidnapper.

After seeing her son kidnapped at a playground, a distraught mother (Halle Berry) sets out to chase and find his captors in what appears to be an exhilarating thriller film. She races after the car, even grabbing onto the roof аѕ іt pulls hеr аlоng, but іѕn’t able tо rеѕсuе her son.

And she eventually tried calling the police for help so they can help track the kidnapper with helicopters then and there she realized her phone fell out of her handbag during all the panic.

The Kidnap movie 2016 trailer has a chilling moment when Halle Berry decides to go to the police station to file a report for her missing child. And there she was told by the female officer to wait and file a report, and that was when Halle Berry sees all the posters for other missing children probably kidnapped just like her son. she then whispers in a piece of real dialogue, This is what all these people do, Yeah, that’s right, you idiots with abducted kids what you do is to file a police report and that’s why you never got your child back. Instead going after your kid all you do is file reports.

She jumped right into her car to hunt down the kidnappers all alone and in an attempts to hunt them down she also caused a number of car crashes  and fatal accident along the way. The trailer ends with Berry staring down her son’s kidnapper.

You took the wrong kid and as long as my son is in that car, I won’t stop chasing you. Wherever you go I will be right behind you.

The Kidnap movie 2016 trailer is truly a heart-stopping action thriller of a mother who will do anything to rescue her kidnapped son.

This Kidnap movie 2016 is for entertainment. But a fearful thought to ponder that can truly hit home.

My question to you regarding Kidnap movie 2016

  • What would you do if your child was abducted?
  • Are you proactive and prepared with GPS tracking device to help the police track your child’s location?
  • Or will you file a police report, wait and hope for a miracle?

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